Supply Corner

Supply Corner
We offer a variety of supply prices.

Solomon Energy advises its clients on how to reduce their energy bills – through renewable energy like solar photovoltaics or through energy efficiency solutions like cogeneration or geothermal. If we can’t help you reduce your consumption of traditional, utility supplied electricity... then we haven’t done our job.

We can’t help you eliminate 100% of your utility bill. But we can help you meet the balance of your energy needs.

Hedging Energy Prices

We offer a variety of supply price structures including:

  • Fixed rate for terms of up to five years.
  • Seasonal fixed rates (e.g. summer or winter).
  • Floating rate with a cap, to take advantage of temporary weaknesses in the market and to protect against price spikes.
  • Floating rate with a trigger to allow you to lock in prices at the beginning of the month, season or year.
  • Fixed rate with an option to participate in lower prices if prices drop.
  • Fuel switching options that give you the ability to choose the lower of natural gas or heating oil for furnaces or generators.
  • Demand side management rewards for offloading capacity in peak usage and price periods

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