Why Solomon

Why Solomon
We work with our clients as their advisor.

Solomon Energy partners with businesses, property owners, and real estate investment managers to identify integrated energy efficiency solutions that lower energy costs, enhance asset value and hedge against energy market fluctuations.

Our expert team works with for-profit and not-for-profit clients to understand and evaluate energy alternatives so they can make intelligent and informed decisions on cost-effective energy efficiency technologies that maximize savings and returns on investment.



Making smart, well-informed energy decisions has become an increasingly complex process. Competing and sometimes

unscrupulous vendors, new technologies and an ever-changing landscape of government incentives and financing options have confused decision makers and often slowed down worthwhile projects. Solomon Energy is unique in the energy industry:

We do not sell equipment nor advocate for any particular technology, manufacturer or contractor. Rather we work with our clients as their advisor.


We help you evaluate cost saving solutions in solar and other renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, energy supply and electric vehicle charging by reviewing your property's energy needs and advising on the best approach to reducing your consumption and lowering your operating bills.

Practical Action

Introduction, oversight and competitively bidding best-in-class regional and national firms that implement improvements in the most cost-effective manner.


Ongoing review of contractor performance and recommendations on new energy-savings opportunities.


Add immediate and long-term value to your business. Convert rooftops and land into a source of revenue while achieving return on investment of 20% or more.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy costs immediately and finance your improvements out of your savings.

Energy Supply

Help you hedge your remaining electricity, natural gas and fuel oil supply against rising utility and energy market costs.


Identify and secure government and utility incentives, subsidies and tax benefits as well as private sector funding. Our aim is to reduce your operating costs such that your savings exceed your cost of financing.