City of Watervliet, NY

City of Watervliet, NY
887 Kilowatts

Project Type:
Third Party Ownership
887 kW
20 Years
Under $0.13/kWh
Est. Annual Savings:


In June 2014, Solomon Energy was approached by the City of Watervliet to manage an RFP process to implement a solar energy project. Solomon Energy’s project engineers analyzed multiple city owned properties and after careful review suggested a total of 384 kW-DC to be installed at the City’s Hydro Electric and Filtration plants. After receiving a winning proposal from a top solar development firm, Solomon arranged interconnection studies with National Grid. It was determined that the additional interconnect costs for both of the sites were cost prohibitive and in May 2015 the City opted out of the initial contract without incurring any costs.
rnStill wanting to move forward with a solar project, later in May 2015 the City of Watervliet asked Solomon to re-issue the RFP. This time Solomon requested solar developers submit proposals that included off-site locations. In New York, remote net metered projects can be built on off-site locations, provided the locations are within the same utility service territory and NYISO load zone as the customer. Using an off-site location meant the potential for installing a bigger system size.
rnSimilar to other Solomon projects in upstate New York, this project was affected by the New York PSC ruling that changed the incentive structure for remote net metered solar projects. Solomon conducted the RFP in a timely manner to ensure the client would receive the more beneficial, grandfathered monetary remote net metering credits.
rnAfter analyzing bids from three qualified solar developers, Solomon Energy selected a winning bid that will keep the cost of solar produced electricity under $0.13 per kWh for the entire 20 year length of the contract. The 887 kW project and PPA agreement will help the city save between $1 - $1.5 million in electricity costs over the next 20 years.