Plastics Manufacturer

Plastics Manufacturer
1.2 Megawatts

Project Type:
Third Party Ownership
1.2 MW
30 Years
Under $0.12/kWh
Est. Annual Savings:


A leading manufacturer of packaging for consumer goods sought out Solomon Energy to help in identifying the potential for solar energy to help offset the large electric usage in its manufacturing and distribution plants.
rnSolomon focused on three manufacturing facilities with high electric usage and rates in California, New Jersey and Puerto Rico as being the best options for solar energy. The solar incentives in each of these locations also made them attractive possibilities.
rnAdditionally, Solomon Energy developed a solar roof lease program that pays commercial customers a steady stream of revenue each year for contract terms up to thirty years. Under this structure, a solar developer pays Solomon’s clients to utilize their roofspace for a solar development.
rnWith the SREC program in New Jersey for solar installations coupled with Solomon Energy’s solar roof lease program, the International Plastics Manufacturer expects to earn over $3 million in roof lease revenue and avoided utility costs.