You still need to protect yourself from price spikes.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects can offset your electricity, natural gas and fuel oil bills. But what about the balance of your energy needs? You still need to protect yourself from price spikes. You can shield your budgets from the impact of energy price volatility.rn


Hedging Energy Prices

In addition to energy savings technologies, Solomon Energy provides customers with insight and analysis of their baseload energy needs. We have developed relationships with brokers who assemble competitive quotations that help you hedge your budgets against future spikes in utility and energy market prices.

By assembling a number of energy consumers, we can also secure lower pricing and longer contract terms than might otherwise be available. We can also offer a variety of fixed rate and floating rate products such as:

  • Floating rate with a cap, to take advantage of temporary weakness in the market.
  • Fixed rate for terms of up to five years.
  • Floating rate with a trigger to allow you to lock in prices at the beginning of the month, season or year.
  • Fixed rate with an option to participate in lower prices if prices drop.
  • Fuel switching options that give you the ability to choose the lower of natural gas or heating oil.
  • Demand side management rewards for offloading capacity in peak usage and price periods.