Solar as a technology is proven.

Solar as a technology is proven. However solar projects have become a very complex process. By managing the entire development process with our objective, third-party advisory approach we maximize your savings and return on investment.



Solomon Energy provides solar advisory and brokerage services for the design and installation of solar systems. By managing the entire development process – from engineering to procurement to project completion – we avoid delays, ensure contractors’ cooperation, secure all available incentives, and maximize energy savings and return on investment.

  • Solar advisors - experts in solar financing.
  • Integrated, no cost RFP process.
  • Review proposals and negotiate lowest costs.
  • Safeguard against conflicts of interest and misinformation.
  • Cost bid and in the field construction management through experienced regional partners.

Solar Design & Installation

Through our integrated advisory approach we provide oversight on:

  • Best-in-class solar EPC providers.
  • Roof, ground mount, carport and solar tree options.
  • Financing options with PPA, lease and/or loans.
  • Tier 1 PV modules and inverters.
  • Plan submission, permit processing and fees.
  • Installation of solar system, grid tie-in with utility and commissioning.
  • Coordinate applications for all required rebates.

Why Choose Solar?

  • $0 capital requirements.
  • Reduce energy costs by 10% to 50%.
  • Hedge against rising utility rates.
  • Lower peak demand costs.
  • Take advantage of rebate programs before they expire.
  • Achieve sustainability goals.
  • Capitalize on the marketing and PR benefits of solar.

Unique Value for Clients

  • Streamline review of feasibility of a project.
  • Build an economic case for investment.
  • Avoid out of pocket costs.
  • Pay only for performance.
  • Safeguard against misleading information.
  • Maximize savings.
  • Improve cash flows.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Reduce burden on staff by sifting through competing bids.
  • Select proven technologies.
  • Develop and manage streamlined competitive bid or RFP process based on clients requirements.