EV Charging

EV Charging
A wide range of electric vehicle charging options.

One of the fastest growing trends in building infrastructure upgrades is the installation and use of electric vehicle charging stations.rn


EV Charging Solutions

Through our exclusive partners we have the ability to assist our clients in implementing a wide range of electric vehicle charging options.

Selection of best in class manufactures and installers providing:

  • Level II chargers at office buildings, retail, apartments and schools.
  • No cost installs for a property owner with profit sharing.
  • At suitable locations, solar carports or solar tree systems that protect the vehicle from rain, snow and sun.
  • Electricity sourced from renewable energy through solar and renewable energy credits.

Advisement on best technology platforms that allow for:

  • Free or variable pricing with typical cost of $2.95 per hour.
  • Corporate membership options for a company’s employees and a property’s tenants.
  • Payment with credit/debit cards.
  • iPhone & Android app integration.
  • Easy access to charge station maps.
  • Ability for driver to reserve charger.
  • Call in customer support.

Why Choose EV Charging?

  • Patrons and tenants have the ability to charge vehicles daily at their stores, apartments, offices and schools.
  • Property owners can market chargers to both current tenants and visitors.
  • Uniquely designed kiosks and solar carports draw customer’s attention.
  • Canopies and carports provide added protection from sun and inclement weather.
  • Emission reduction allowing you to promote sustainability of property and operation.